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Having grown up on a farm in eastern North Carolina, Edward Weeks learned at an early age that hard work and persistence would eventually pay off. He also developed a healthy sense of competition when he would enter his giant vegetables in the local county fair. Ed’s years of experimenting with cross-breeding seeds would prove its value when he would walk away with the blue ribbon year after year.

Eventually, Ed realized that he could take his love of competitive gardening and share it with those who were already asking for his secrets to such bountiful harvests. In 1964, he founded Weeks Seed Company, and is still an active participant in the business today.

In 1975, Ed achieved his first World Record with a 197 lb Watermelon. Two years later in 1977, he set two World Records with his 39 lb Cantaloupe and the World’s Longest Watermelon, which was 4 feet long. In 1978, he shattered the previous World Record with a Giant Peanut measuring 3.5 inches long. What initially started out as a hobby soon had turned into a full-time business, with customers in all 50 states trying to equal Ed’s success.

Of course, records are made to be broken and Ed’s records have since been surpassed by growers using Weeks Seeds. We are equally proud of their accomplishments because it proves what Ed has said all along… “The secret to growing giant vegetables is not in the soil or the fertilizer, the secret is in the seeds. You can have the ideal soil, plenty of water and lots of fertilizer. But without the right seeds, you will not grow a giant vegetable.”

Weeks Seed Company now supplies a unique line of seeds to retail stores nationwide. While we specialize in the Giant varieties that no other company has, we also carry a full line of the best-selling varieties that every gardener can enjoy, from beginner to expert.

Weeks Seed Company donates over $1.5 million in seeds every year to the "LeSea Global Feed The Hungry" organization. Our donation enables Feed The Hungry to grow and distribute our seeds and the food it produces to the many foreign countries now suffering from starvation. If you would like more information on this organization, please follow this link: www.feedthehungry.com

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